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We always need Volunteers!

Find out about volunteer opportunities.

If you are interested,
please email us at

or call: (773)282-3879.


As a thank you, volunteers can qualify for 1 class at Yoga with Merril at Farlows' Playroom for every 2 hours of time donated.

Click Here for Volunteer Needs

Needs During the Market Season

Prior week:

- hang ‘market this Sunday’ signs
- determine workers for Sunday
- touch base with vendors/volunteers/food trucks/performers
- hang no marking signs from city
- Facebook/Everyblock/Nextdoor/Instagram/twitter updates

Day of:
Start: (8am -9:30am)
- Put out ‘Market today’ signs
- Put out market internal directional sign(s)
- Hang sponsor banners/signs
- Position garbage cans
- Police area for trash
- Facebook/Everyblock/Nextdoor/Instagram/Twitter updates
- Assist vendors with load in

Market table staffing: (9:30a- 1:30pm)
-Be available for:
-- engaging with public/passersby to hand out promotional materials
-- questions
-- recruiting volunteers
-- place phone calls for emergency if necessary*

End: (1:30pm – 2:30pm)
- Collect ‘Market today’ signs
- Police area for trash
- Ensure all vendors have departed and cleaned up after themselves (one person must stay till all are gone)
- Assist vendors with load out

- Answer mail
- Answer email
- Maintain vendor list
- Get updates to web minister

Charity Groups wishing to work for free space may CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP and let the market manager know via an email to: