Jefferson Park
Sunday Market
jefferson park sunday market

Charity Groups

For Our Winter Markets
We do not have enough capacity to offer free space, however we have a community board where you may leave outreach info. We are also attempting to do other donation fundraising for charities.

For Our Summer Markets

Typically we give 501c3/4's the option to work for space. Our exception is animal charities who we offer free space to, one charity per date, first come first serve.

If a charity group wants to promote itself at a market they may:
-Have promotions materials (not no sale items) at our info table, so long as they provide someone to help staff the table.
- Hours are 9:30-1:30.
- At least one rep for the organization should be present throughout; does not need to be the same person for the full time.

-Have a full vendor space (potentially including fundraising sales items that do not conflict with our vendors i.e. no bake sales) for providing assistance with market set-up, load in and load out.
- Load in hours are 8:00-9:30
- Load out hours are 1:30 -2:30
- At least one person should be available at all times during market hours.
- Note that this is a physcial job.

For any of the above situations, advance request and approval is required. See above contact info.

Becoming a Vendor

If you have not been a vendor before, please reach out for preliminary approval. We cannot handle every type of vendor.

you may either phone 847-902-2961 or (preferred) email:

Click here for Summer 2020 Vendor's Contract **

**Note that all contracts are subject to approval