Jefferson Park
Sunday Market
jefferson park sunday market

Charity Groups

For Our Winter Markets
We do not have enough capacity to offer free space, however we have a community board where you may leave outreach info. We are also attempting to do other donation fundraising for charities.

For Our Summer Markets

Typically we give 501c3/4's the option to work for space. Our exception is animal charities who we offer free space to, one charity per date, first come first serve.

If a charity group wants to promote itself at a market they may:
-Have promotions materials (not no sale items) at our info table, so long as they provide someone to help staff the table.
- Hours are 9:30-1:30.
- At least one rep for the organization should be present throughout; does not need to be the same person for the full time.

-Have a full vendor space (potentially including fundraising sales items that do not conflict with our vendors i.e. no bake sales) for providing assistance with market set-up, load in and load out.
- Load in hours are 8:00-9:30
- Load out hours are 1:30 -2:30
- At least one person should be available at all times during market hours.
- Note that this is a physcial job.

For any of the above situations, advance request and approval is required. See above contact info.

Becoming a Vendor

If you have not been a vendor before, please reach out for preliminary approval. We cannot handle every type of vendor.
Know that with the 2021 Season, the City of Chicago cracked down on what can be called a farmers market. To remain in compliance with those rules, we can have -no more than-- 25% non food vendors.

For information you may email:

If you have been a vendor with us before, please reach out to us via email to get your Google doc link.


Jefferson Park Forward - Neighbor Patti Vasquez Bonnin
Jefferson Memorial Park Advisory Council (JMPAC)
Jefferson Park Chamber of Commerce - Jefferson Park Neighborhood Association